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Ischia owes its richness to the thermal waters and to its special geological situation! Faults, volcanoes, geysers and rainwater form the cocktail from which spring the prodigious thermal waters. A thin crust separates the island from the magma below and it really gives Ischia to the precious thermal waters and mud prodigious.
In the different excursions that take place either on foot or by minibus, you will visit extraordinary places such as:
• craters of extinct volcanoes and, in some of them, you will circle around the crater itself
• we will cross faults, cuts in the earth's crust, in charge of thermal waters
• we will visit parks, spas and catacombs and you will see the water bubbling spa directly on the surface
• you will discover the proper use and maceration of the mud
• you will see fumaroles and will be able to perceive with hands of smoke flows of hot gases escaping from the bowels of the earth
• you will walk to the crater of the volcano Rotaro, a Vesuvius in miniature!
• you have to admire a huge volcano arisen in the mouth of a volcano even bigger
•you will admire many bizarre forms of erosion in these "tafoni" or "honeycomb", unique in Europe
• you will walk on lava flows, volcanic pumice on raised marine terraces
• you will find blocks of rocks in eternal suspense
• There is the fountain of youth of Nitrodi.
Not forgetting beautiful scenery, the wonderful vegetation, forests and a wonderful journey through the historical evolution / geology of the island of Ischia.
Geo escursioni


The GEO-escursioniIschia are led by geologist Dr Aniello Di Iorio graduated in Germany with international experience. He explains, simply and accessible to all, the secrets of geological phenomena / volcanic region.
Tel.: +39 0813330256 - 081903058
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