In the mouth of Typhoeus


Description of the trail

Departure from the headquarters of the Pro Loco of Panza, where a street, that runs through the center of the hamlet, leads towards the top of Monte Corvo. The stretch is full of signs that bear witness to the traditions of the place: stone houses, parracine, ancient water cisterns dug into the soft tufa rock, vineyards. The rock is definitely the element that characterizes this place: it bears witness to a tumultuous past. The large tuffaceous boulders rolled from Epomeo have been renamed by the peasants: Stone Brox, Pizzo del Merlo, Stone Martone. Continuing the ascent the road gives way to a path surrounded completely by wild Mediterranean maquis (oaks, mastic trees, heather, myrtle and herbs. After a while, the climb becomes steeper and the ground warmer: the Mediterranean undergrowth is repalced by a more exotic vegetation (prickly pears, agaves), until you find the myth of the island of Ischia “Typhoeus ”, lying in the bowels of the island and whose tears flow in the thermal waters. At Monte Corvo these waters have taken the form of aqueous vapors. The road back runs through the starter village of Monte Corvo, where you can still find traces of the old settlement derived from tuff boulders in a perfect synergy between natural and man-made elements.

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