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Free to move on the island of Ischia

sorgeto-sant-angeloThe Island of Ischia is the largest island of the three ones around the Gulf of Naples.

It’s famous for the luxuriant flora, by mountains sides up to the deep gorges, for this reason called the Green Island. And island to admire for its very suggestive landscapes. And it, Monte Epomeo,characterized by green tuffs, that imposing, seems to protect the Island. On the top, it’s possible to admire a unique and breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples. Follow the old paths and walks, in the shadow of our woods, as a sheer drop from the cliff to the sea.


Giardini La Mortella

Giardini la mortella

By the elegance of the Lady of Flowers, Susana and the greatness of the 20th century composer Sir William Walton, rises the complex La Mortella, commonly called 'divine myrtle'.

La Mortella is one of the most beautiful private garden, created in 50 years with art and love by Lady Walton, wife of the famous English composer Sir William Walton. She dead in the spring day of 2010.

In October 1949 they moved to Forio, the loving couple decided to build own maison in a sunny and bald ground, made of volcanic rocks. Nowadays the garden consists of several levels, from a sub-tropical environment downriver to a sunny one in hill.


Magic Autumn


The autumn is a magic season, very intense. After that the summer has carried away its heat and the frenzy of the parties and shows that make us confused and stunned, we regain our spaces, our time of our inner world.


In calm and serenity, we admire the nature around us, that is full of life, with its interchange of clouds, sun and wind. A trend nature, that involves ourself and to which we lapse into it, as we are aware it regenerate us in mind and body. The Autumn is not the season of sadness and gloom beacause the trees are leafless and winter coming soon. Insteead it's important to understand when the change arrives through fine power.

We are more living and in this case we feel the necessary to search new ways, mountain, country, holm oaks and chestnuts. For all people love walks in the open-air, the island offers much more, for all its bounds. In the inland part of the island, this wounderful world, unknown for many people islanders and tourists, we find a new dimension, not chaotic or enervating, but a moment of research of ourself and our roots.


Easter in Ischia

sl-2Easter on the island of ischia is full of traditions to live in the open air among the squares of the typical mediterranean suburbs and to taste in the different locals that offer the unchanged Mediterranen kitchen.

The Madonna Addolorata

We feel the Easter air 17 days before the Easter Sunday with the trone of the beautiful and preciuous image of the Madonna dell'Addolorata who is venerated in the church of S. Sebastiano, situated in the centre of Forio. one week later, on Good Friday, sixth of Lent, the statue is moved to the streets of the country.


Christmas in Ischia

albero-natale-ischia-2009Ischia is an island of ancient traditions, very populated in the passed centuries, it has consolidated traditions and events that repeat themself every year.
Christmas and New Year's Eve are very sincerest festivities by islanders, the celebrations begin from 8th December and continue until the Epiphany. The island of Ischia at Christmas, changes its aspect, the streets are full of lights, celebrations are organized everywhere, tens are the visiting cribs further of the fifty churchs that are decorated in order to celebrate the happy event. Famous are at least the square festivals during the Ischia New Year's Eve, almost one in every island municipalities, and among these, there is the Sant'Angelo New Year's Eve, the small fishermen country, known for its partiular suburb, typically mediterranean. Christmas and New Year's Eve in Ischia

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