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Personaggi storici ospiti dal 1800 ad oggi

Christia August Robert Roller

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A native of Wurttemberg was a young architect. He arrived at the village of Ischia, in 1830 in the company of friends, they decided to climb immediately Epomeo. The view excited them much. His stay on the island lasted only one day, Roller pleased him very much, says he has a gentle nature, idyllic, beautiful and friendly, almost fairy.

Caroline Von Humboldt

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She came to Ischia to the middle of 1817, was the eldest daughter of Wilhelm von Humboldt and suffered from nerve pain in the face, and that's why she was advised to come. Her condition improved in only nine days, so he could visit the island, I was enchanted by the wonderful scenery and a beautiful sea.

Carl Gustav Carus

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Natural scientist and physician, philosopher and artist. He came to Ischia in the company of Prince Friedrich Saxon, visited the castle, where Carus witnessed a beautiful sunset. Also he came in Lacco where the streets were decorated for the feast of Santa Restituta.

Camille Corot

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He came to Ischia in the late twenties. He has a catalog of his works containing a series of paintings and drawings that were composed in Ischia.

C. Haller (un Ultramontain)

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He was a connoisseur of Ischia. In 1825 in Vienna he came a book titled"L'ISOLA D'ISCHIA NEL 1822". DFrom the book you will learn the tourism of the twenties of the last century. The center of the beach life was Casamicciola, but the second Haller preference was Lacco, which offered the most pleasant stay.

August Von Platen

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He came to Ischia in the company of Baron von Bunsen. He stayed for four days at Sentinella, went to Epomeo and crossed on foot or with donkeys all over the island, which is extremely attractive and pleasant.

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