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Personaggi storici ospiti dal 1800 ad oggi

Ary Renan

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Son of Ernest Renan, we should have several sketches, and they are contained in a published work that the young man in the earthquake of 1883 in the Gazette of the fine arts. Ary Renan was most interested in the architecture of Ischia.

Alphonse de Lamartine

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He came three times in Ischia. The first one in 1811-1812, the second one in 1820, the third one in 1844. He wrote on CONFIDENCES, that are stories. In one of these confidences says that he lives in the most beautiful island, on a promontory that rises from the sea and its slopes thrive forests to the sea. Lamartine writes poems about Ischia and here wrote the novel GRAZIELLA.

A. W . F .Schultz

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German doctor, he stopped at the island for quite a long time. He said that the bathroom was better in Casamicciola, all the others were rough and dirty.

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