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Francesco Buonocore

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Born in Ischia Porto on December 4, 1870. In 1897, after rigorous studies, he was ordained priest, priest rigorous and balanced spirit, he conveyed his ideas and initiatives clearly. The Buonocore rented from the town of Ischia premises of the convent of St. Antonio to create a school because, at that time who wanted to study just had to enter the seminary, was born in Ischia the first secondary school in the agrarian type "Vittoria Colonna".
In 1939 opens another private school: the Istituto Magistrale "Ferrante d'Avalos," which was soon equalized. He filled the houses of Ischia with pamphlets, newspapers and books published at his own expense, as evidenced booklets entitled "Culture", the biweekly "The Watchtower of the Gulf" and books with the history of Ischia.

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