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Doctor from Basso Reno came to Italy to complete his studies on the anatomy and chemistry. In his free time he made many trips, where not only met many doctors but also studied the fauna and geology of the country. He was particularly interested in volcanism and warm water. In his book " DE CALORIS FONTIUM MEDICATORUM CAUSA, EORUQUE TEMPERATIONE, LIBRIDO, ET PHILOSOPHIS ET MEDICIS PERUTILES" published in 1558, gave a complete description of the boiling water and stoves of Ischia. For the first time appeared in the literature sudatario of Testaccio, the fumaroles of Monte Vico says that reached rowing a place, now called "Bagnitiello", where even the sea water was boiling. In Citara was surprised by the number of pits dug in the sand, which served as bathtubs because they are full of boiling water. One year after the publication of the book was named as personal physician to the court of Dusseldorf, where he remained until his death.

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