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Michele Cocchia - Studio Astro

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Browsing to find the features and beauty of the island, special attention deserves the pictorial work of an artist like Michele Cocchia.
Michele was born in Avellino on 16.11.1939 and since he was a young man began to attend some art shops in the area directed by famous masters.
He favored apprenticeship craft away from conditioning the teaching academics. The freedom to express themselves without schematic constraints, Michele finds his way from the start a painting that allows him to reach in a few years and characterization own style
He moved to Ischia in 1957, immediately in contact with a Mediterranean nature which enhances the light and colors of the landscape intensive creative and exhibition. Ischia soon became his favorite land and his muse.

The blue sea, the sweetness of painting full of color effects, subtle nuances make our unsurpassed a master of landscape and especially the marine environment.
It is to Michele Cocchia " a serene painting, an investigation into the truth everyday without complicated meanings or false cultural discourses, a truth that comes through careful observation, specifies that allows him to capture the moment or the ray of sunshine affect the shape of the framework ....”
Michele Cocchia has participated in numerous art exhibitions gaining acclaim and recognition everywhere.


Address: Via Vittoria Colonna, 23
City: 80077 - Ischia
Cell: +39 3485148759
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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