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Vincenzo Funiciello

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He was born in Ischia in 1905, he returned to the school of instinctive painters whose Ischia was rich. Son of a large family that could not send him to study, Funiciello remembered with gratitude the Ricchizzi landscape painter who discovered his interest and was his disinterested teacher. Funiciello no longer used the brushes, when in Berlin, where he returned after the war, he saw on the floor of a tailor a wealth of colors in the scrap of cloth, took the desire to use what awaited the broom, was born the idea to what the painting was supposed to be the island novelty: the collage. He wrote his paintings with scraps of cloth, a big success which ensured a quiet comfort.
His landscapes and interiors, where the agreement of mosaic colors of cloth echoing tones look forward to his last way a painter with brushes, compounds with a rigorous perspective that cost him much more than painting in the traditional way.

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