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Autumn... Magic Season!


After that summer has taken away the heat of a burning sun at last we will recover our space, our time, our inner world. Available and more calm, we observe the nature around us that vibrates full of life.

Autumn is the season of melancholy and sadness because the trees are naked and winter approaches, but it is the season when we feel the need to explore the trails, mountains, forests of oaks and chestnut. For those who enjoy outdoor walks, the island, despite his physical limitations, appears as a continent to be discovered. The hinterland drives us into a dimension that is not chaotic and unnerving the towns, but it is intimate search of ourselves and our roots.

From September 15 onwards, there is a “people” who eagerly awaits the rain and listens to the predictions of old farmers to calculate the right time for climbing the mountain: they are lovers are searching for mushrooms, but for the islander just one is trophy: "U-Cap 'Nir', in short, the porcino mushroom of island of Ischia.

The islander dedicated to this hobby with interest, respects the poisonous species and the undergrowth, trees and all the natural environment in silence and description. Our mountains are invaded every year by “professionals” of the collection, from families who are trying to teach their children the love and respect for different “pittate” (steep walls where usually the best species of mushrooms lurk between grass and leaves), but also by non-experts who are content to walk in this beautiful autumn campaign with the mysterious island rich in golden tones with red trees, plants that shine in the sun warmer in October, with fallen branches covered with green moss.

In Ischia there are many places where in the days following the rain we went in search of 'Cap' Nir ', a fungus rather short in the stem, with dark brown hat. But there are also other species of edible mushrooms that grow in Ischia under chestnut trees, oaks, beeches, firs, which are soaked in oil for seasoning tasty salads, or served as side dishes. Among the most rich locations of mushrooms is a must remember Rotaro in Casamicciola, Fiaiano in Barano, but also Santa Maria al Monte and the slopes of Mount Epomeo, not to mention historic sites such as “creteca”, “u'raron”, “tribbit” or the “falanga”. Of course you have to be expert, if you know the mushrooms well, wicker basket under your arm and walk away in a hunt for musk flavors.

The meteorological conditions are essential: the mushrooms are friends of rain and mild temperatures. Always. A very abundant rainfall, prolonged for days and followed by good weather, represents a favorable condition. In addition, the wood must be perfect to look for the characteristic of being little known and attended, because the mushrooms require perfect environmental balance in order to bear fruit. The most difficult area to reach are those where it is easier to be lucky, but be very careful if you are not familiar with the place. In fact rule is: never alone, never at dusk without notice, never lose your way (but do not panic if it happens). Orient yourself with the sun, with strategically placed trees, and then in time for collection, you are never alone. One thing is for sure, caution must always be the constant companion of those who venture into the woods!

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