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Agostino Lauro

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agostino-lauro(Ischia 1917-1989). Owner who has given great impetus to the maritime communications between the islands and the mainland. Since he was child, he showed a great inclination for the sea. He learned to fly the first Ondina, in service for links Ischia and Naples. When the island of Ischia began to develop in the field of tourism, Agostino Lauro initiated the establishment of the shipping company that will become in time one of the largest and important one of the Mediterranean Sea, in particular by helping to facilitate more communication between the island and the of Ischia and the mainland. After the Freccia del Golfo (1948), a mass of war adapted to passenger transport, from the mid-1950s is a succession of acquisitions: the Celestina, the Angelina, Rosaria, the Salvatore Lauro, the Agostino Lauro, Settebello ... There is then also the gateway to the hydrofoils, which have considerably strengthened the maritime links. In 1968 began the connections between Naples and Palermo and then moving on Brindisi - Corfu. Appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro in 1974.

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