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Ugo-CaliseBorn in 1921in Oratino in the province of Campobasso, where his father, the Ischian Aniello, was doctor. Composer, author, arranger, singer and guitarist, in his youth he was also player of the team Ischia. In Naples in the mid-1940s he began to sing the classic Neapolitan song, in Ischia he met Romano Mussolini with other friends formed a band that was performing at La Conchiglia in Forio. In 1953 he opened in Ischia with the architect Sandro Petti the Rangio Fellone, which will be for a decade the hottest nightspot frequented by the international jet-set holiday in Ischia. The songs were L'ammore mio è... frangese; ; Na voce, na chitarra e 'o poco 'e luna, Chitarra mia napoletana. In 1954, he played and sang in London for Queen Elizabeth II, during a reception hosted by the Italian Embassy, among those present Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Anthony Eden, Vittorio De Sica, Peter Ustinov. In 1960 Angelo Rizzoli wanted him to Pignatiello, another popular haunt of Lacco Ameno. He also wrote music for films. He died on August 6, 1994 while he was traveling by train to his native country, Oratino.

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