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Luca Balsofiore

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luca-balsofioreLuca Balsofiore was born in Forio (Naples) on January 11 1906. After graduating from the Institute of Marine Captain Boat in Naples and admitted to the course reserve officers at the Naval Academy of Livorno, in June 1928 he received the appointment of Lieutenant Direction Machines. Retained in service demand in 1930 was promoted to Lieutenant and in 1937 was appointed Captain, paying later service on Naval School, at the School Specialists of Venice, Livorno's Naval Academy, the Naval Command at the Autonomous Adriatic and finally to Navalgenio Genova. He took part into military operations in Spain, on April 16, 1941, participated in the mission of convoy escort that saw the unit harshly committed against four similar units English. In the bitter fighting that followed, which culminated in the sinking of the British destroyer Luca Tarigo and Mohawk torpedoed by the same Tarigo Luca, Luca Balsofiore although severely wounded and blinded by a blow to the face he wanted to be accompanied dashboard next to his Commander the Commander Pietro De Cristofaro, and with him disappeared beneath the waves.

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