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Falanga wood

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The Falanga wood, is a small paradise on Earth, about 600 meters above sea level, a forest of chestnut trees, a flat Valley with an approximately 100m high granite ridge projection sustaining the highest peaks of the island of Ischia. Walking through the Falanga is a pleasure both for the body and soul. One can easily see wild rabbits, falcons, and autumn gathering mushrooms and chestnuts in abundance. The falanga is also rich in history, marine fossils finds have been found here to demonstrate that the island emerged from the sea and that the formation of Mount Epomeo is due to the gushing of magma from the depths of the Earth, the same magma responsible for warming the rich thermal waters of the island. Even the signs of man are evident and well preserved, it is not difficult to find the famousstone houses, Dug into the tuff rock, the basins for collecting the rainwater, and the large cylindrical holes constructed in the land with the ‘parracine’ technique (flat rocks) used for the preservation of ice.
Mappa del Bosco della Falanga


The Falanga is a five-minutes walk from the Frassitelli woods and is a widespread chestnut tree forest on the Mount Epomeo. To reach the woods follow the same directions that you would to reach the Mount Epomeo.
City: 80075 - Forio
Flora: Bosco di Castagno.
Bus lines: 11 - 9 - CD - CS


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