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Walking among “volcanoes”

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Description of the trail

Starting from the Port of Ischia, that is a crater, then become a salt lake turned into a port at the end of 1800 by Ferdinand II of bourbon, to get Montagnone and Rotaro, two of the many volcanoes of ischia, the first is covered with spot wild, the second with a pine forest, which is one of the largest green lungs of the island: the Maddalena wood. Going along the path you then reach the “cretaio” crossing homes and gardens up to the path narrows into an undergrowth of oaks and arbutus, heather, myrtle and ivy. The path climbs through pine trees and myrtle until the margins of the crater of Rotaro, where you can enjoy one of the rare botanical plants of the island, the cyperus polystachius (or the papyrus of fumaroles) not endemic species, but that has found in some areas of this island a microhabitats favorable for its growth .. Crossing the crest of the volcano and admiring the bottom, you go up to a series of "fumaroles", witness, together with thermal sources, of vitality of the island. From here you go to the volcano "Fondo ferraro" to get to the small town of Fiaiano diving in the pine forest, which is located on the flow of crater of Arso (last eruption on the island in 1301).The trail concludes by returning to the Port of Ischia. Nice walk, but full of nature’s charm.


Duration: 4 h about
Difficulty: T/E
Difference in altitude: about 300 m
Descent: about 100 m
Maximum altitude: about 300 m
Development of the trail: about 10 Km
Start: Ischia Porto (bus terminus)
Arrival: Pineta di Fiaiano (bus terminus n 6)
Path: Ischia Porto, via Quercia, Bosco della Maddalena, Rotaro, Fondo Ferraro, Pineta di Fiaiano, Ischia Porto.
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water.
Arrival point: Casamicciola location Castiglione (bus stop CD/CS/1/2)



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