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The pinewood of Fiaiano

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The Pinewood of Fiaiano is the largest one of the island: pines, beautiful as a people of Titans in a world that seems to belong only to them and the earth that created them and nourishes them, I went to heaven, where there stand , embracing the blue, defying the clouds with their tops to get lost in the sun.
It 's so sweet, from the square which is a natural hub, getting lost in the lanes of thick grass, between wild balsams, hug a tree - a pine tree, a chestnut, who knows! - And hear the silence.
There is delight in the whispers of shadows and lost in the shadows of whispers.
Everything goes away, every rustle like a fairy tale recounts the bitterness of life.
The pines in the wind tremors are felt far and immersed in the greenery and the silence has a murmur and a song that goes back to the past.
An endless sea of green that well matches the dreamy tranquility of the real world that seems so far away, even if very particular: houses lined one after another along the edges of the road, too dispersed and embedded in the green. They all looked resigned in white crumbling facades, rooftops waving colored clothing. It all seems unreal.
Those pines, those chestnut, born in the crater, seem to lead in the blue sky the green song and the ardor of the land by invoking the infinite.
But the eye, while visitor is immersed in Pineta, enjoys a unique spectacle: the green island, the houses clinging to the slope, the Castle, the green flukes and in the background the islet of Vivara and in the distance the coast of Naples.
Mappa della pineta di Fiaiano


Accessible all year, free admission.
Suitable for long, leisurely walks and as entertainment for children.
Town: 80070 - Barano
Address: Corso Duca degli Abruzzi
Bus lines: 6


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