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F. L. von Stolberg e G. H. Nicolovius

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Friedrich was Count and Danish Ambassador in Berlin. Nicolovius friederich son was majoring in theology. He made a trip to Italy with his family. The hand of the Count is no description available in four volumes of the whole trip, while Nicolovius
had written a stimulating treatise on Ischia titled "DIE ISCHIESEN". In April 1792 the Count and his son Nicolovius made their first excursion one day to Ischia and they were impressed by the hospitality and kindness of people. Returned to the island in the second half of August and the first week of September of the same year. He stayed in Casamicciola at a winemaker, saw dance the tarantella dance Naples, in the most beautiful Nicolovius said. He loved the island so much, he wrote in a letter “Fortunata small island population! The sea separates you from the mainland. Remains with your costumes, your devotion small island people! Way joy will not abandon you and from generation to generation faithful to your ancestors bring joys bigger and bigger”.

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