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Thermal spring of Sorgeto

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Sorgeto is an inlet with pebbles and thermal springs. Be careful not to scald yourself on the water line! This beach is accessible from the centre of Panza via a street that is approximately 1 km long, on foot or by car. From Sant’Angelo one can reach the beach with the convenient taxi boat. Sorgeto is a cove, the location of a true, outdoor thermal park. Boiling fountains and minerals, saunas and therapeutic vapors, this is what Mother Nature wanted to give the island of Ischia in remote times and today it is available for free for all those who are looking for a place to reinvigorate themselves from the daily stress and hardships. It is accessible both by sea and on foot via a steep ramp of stairs that leave from the village of Panza. It is a true relief to let oneself go to that mixture of warm-cold, sweet salt water and to taste one of the most marvelous sunsets that one could ever image. Be careful, though! Its rocks and stones are at times boiling hot! In one of the little basins from which the waters bubble, the islanders cook eggs, potatoes and seafood, a custom that most certainly is repeated century by century as is evidenced by archeological finds discovered in the zone. The most fascinating characteristic of Sorgeto is bathing at night on the warm under the stars. One can relax as one spends unforgettable moments here. The mild temperatures are present here even in the winter and therefore allow for one to tan and bathe even in the coldest weather!

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