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Tower of Via Morgera

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The tower has a square plant, a flat roof of two levels. The permanent structure is made of tuff stone, the corners are reinforced by shaped blocks. By two sides there are opening surrounded by trachytic stone. The tower reigns the built up are of Cierco, popular district of Forio, reachable by Via Roma. It was built with tuff stones and lava material. Nowadays deserted, private residence in the past, as windows crated only later, show. Going on up to the square of Cierco to the left, there is a small street that leads to the Tower of Vic Schiano.

Historic info

The intense Turkish invasions were the cause of the Towers building in Forio. The area of Cierco was suitable to host these structures for its streets, very small hard to pass across. The tower of Via Morgera, private property, offered refuge and defence to the inhabitants of the zone. Camouflaged among buildings, nowadays the tower is good hidden, also because of the many changes.
Mappa Torre di Via Morgera


cadastre: f.17 n.448.
period: XVI sec..
destination:tower of defence
Property: private.
Lay out: square.
Roofing: plan.
Stairs:inside flight.
Permanent structure: tuff stone.
External decoration:lava stone.
Location: Cierco
Address: Via Morgera n. 94
Foundation: XVI
Date: 1500-1549
state of preservation: Mediocre


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