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Folklore e storia

The 'Ndrezzata

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Typical island dance 'Ndrezzata del 1948The theories about the origin of this dance and its importance on the island are so many. Some people think about it has Greek origin, other ones comes from Spain. It’s known that similar dances are usual in Egypt, Sudan, Polonia and Italian areas like: Sorrento, Arezzo and Sicily. The historical sources are two: a text protected in the Biblioteca Antoniana of Ischia


A Vattute e ll’astreche

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Folk dance which revives the creation of the domed roof. A vattute e ll'astreche - ballo tipico ischitanoIn the island of Ischia, as in much of the Mediterranean basin, was used to build up to the 50s the roofs of the houses small barrel-shaped or hemispherical domes, called Carusiello, relevant to the greek architectural culture - Arabic. The construction was done according to standards , the outline was prepared with the frame of chestnut poles on which were resting


Historical outlines

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storiaThe island of Ischia has an ancient origin. The first evidence of residential areas on the island can be found in the Lacco Ameno, where around half of the eighth century BC, a Greek colony was to put their roots. The characteristics of the sites responded to the logic and the requirements of a human settlement.

Traditional games

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Giochi tradizionaliPopular games of children and young people of Forio, as well as those ones of the whole island, were made with poor materials easy to procure, often related to the season or improvised. Only the biggest ones could afford to play with money. The favorite haunts were open spaces, such as squares and district courts.

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