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Beaches and bays of Ischia

Beaches of Ischia

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icon-2 Town of Barano
Spiaggia dell' amore

stelleAmore beach

Small beach with large grains of sand. Situated in a small bay near...
San Pancrazio

stelleSan Pancrazio

The beach of San Pancrazio is small beach, with pebbles...


The Scarrupata includes the coastal area from punta San Pancrazio to...
Spiaggia dei Maronti

stelleMaronti beach

Probably there is not tourist that landing in Ischia doesn't know...
icon-2 Town of Casamicciola


The beach of Bagnitielli with famous bathing and thermal centre, is situated in...
Spiaggia della Marina

stelleMarina beach

The small beaches of eliporto, marina and convento, surrounded by...

stelleConvento beach

The beach has fine sand and shallow floors. It's reachable through 50 steps but...
icon-2 Municipality of Forio
Punta Caruso

stellePunta Caruso

Punta Caruso is the most estreme side of Forio, beautiful place, immerse in...
Spiaggia di San Francesco

stelleSan Francesco beach

The beach of San Francesco is situated just a short walk from the port ...
Spiaggia della Chiaia

stelleChiaia beach

The beach of Chiaia, long and sandy, is part of the right side of the port of Forio...
Spiaggia dei Velisti

stelleVelisti beach

The beach of velisti is adjoining the port of Forio and the sailing club "Yacht Club" ...
Spiaggia di Cava dell'Isola

stelleCava dell'Isola beach

The beach of Cava dell’isola consists of sand and large black pebbles
Spiaggia di Citara

stelleCitara beach

The beach is the famous meeting place for tourists in summer....
Spiaggia di Sorgeto

stelleSorgeto beach

Sorgeto is an inlet, a real thermal park in the open air. Polle...
icon-2 Town of Ischia
Baia di Cafiero

stelleCafiero bay

The bay of Cafiero is situated between the beach of Inglesi and Castiglione. Small...
Spiaggia degli inglesi

stelleInglesi beach

The beach of inglesi is situated inside the inlet of Sant' Alessandro, small and sandy...
Lido d' Ischia

stelleLido Ischia

The beach of Ischia is situated at 50 meters from the Piazzetta, historical island meeting place...
Spiaggia dei Pescatori

stellePescatori beach

It's a picturesque beach with fine sand immersed in a characteristic landscape...
Baia di Cartaromana

stelleCartaromana bay

Typical feature is the warm bath, thanks to the effect of the natural spas ...

stelleSan Pietro beach

The beach of San Pietro consists of fine sand and shallow floors, not far away from...
icon-2 Town of Lacco Ameno
Baia di San Montano

stelleSan Montano bay

With its shallow floors and limpid water, inside an inlet where St. Restituta landed from Africa...


Small beach, rocky to the sides and centre. Floors rich in Posidonia and marine fauna...
Spiaggia del Fungo

stelleFungo beach

Finesand and shallow floors, because protected by cliffs, suitable for children...

stelleFundera beach

Small beach with fine sand that goes down, suitable for families and children...

stelleMarina di Pithaecusa

Marina di Pithaecusa is a new beach, consists of fine sand and crystal water...
icon-2 Town of Serrara Fontana
Spiaggia di Cava Grado

stelleCava Grado beach

Among sheer drops from the cliff to the sea, we find oasis of peace. A small inlet with...
Spiaggia di S. Angelo

stelleS. Angelo beach

One of the most suggestive corner of Ischia, is certainly Sant' Angelo, ancient village...

stelleFumarole beach

Just a short walk from St. Angelo and the thermal park Aphrodite Apollon, overlooking...

stelleCava Ruffano beach

Crystal clear and green sea and a few bathers make this beach an oasis of peace ..


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