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The beach of Maronti

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About beach of Maronti

Probably there is not tourist that arrives in Ischia and doesn’t tell about Maronti, and a tourist that doesn’t visit it. Surrounding by wonderful hills and crags, above the sea, in the shadow of dark paths, known as caves, site of precious springs of thermal water such as of Cavascura, where is set one of the most beautiful beach of the island, the beach of Maronti.
The Maroni beach is 3 km long. Its name is derived from Greek and was then translated into Latin with the term ‘quartior’ which means ‘traquil beach.
This area of Ischia, along with the promontories and sea, was a kind gift of the Aragonese dynasty on behalf of Federico who, mindful of the services and localty of the Islanders toward his nephew Ferdinand, wanted them to own the promontories, the beaches and the sea so that they could reap economic benefits by collecting rent. A touch of poetry and adventure is added to the history of this area when one remembers the period that followed the Aragons, that is, the period in which the pirates hit these waters and chose this beach as their refuge as a result of the mysterious tortuous ravines and the numerous landing area. Ac small part of this beach belongs to the municipality of Serrara Fontana and the main part belongs to the municipality of Barano. It is accessible either via a panoramic road which descends with sharp turns from Barano (the descends offers one of the most spectacular views of Ischia) or from the suggestive small port of S. Angelo via a cute… and irregularly scheduled sea taxi. A newly constructed broad area allows for pedestrian access to the beach from S. Angelo and offers numerous summer establishments with various services. If the sun and sea are not enough for you, you can relax and boost up your body and soul with the sand-baths in the neighborhood of S. Angelo or at the springs of Cavascura orn the Fumarole.

How to reach the beach

The Maronti beach is situated in the municipality of Barano. It's reachable by bus and car, walking the main and panoramic street from Testaccio, or via sea by taxi boats from S. Angelo.
To whoever prefers to travel by bus, the way is covered by the lineslinee 5 – 10 – 11 not far from the beach.
You can leave your car at the supervised parking.
mappa spiaggia dei maronti


Rental craft, shuttle service, windsurg for rent. Fine sand, fumarole.
Linee bus: Linea 5 parte da Ischia Porto


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