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The churches in Ischia

Churches in Ischia

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icon-2 Municipality of Barano d'Ischia
Parrocchia di San Giorgio

chiesaParish of San Giorgio

A legal act states present since 1300, attests there was a chapel where the church now stands. ... ...
Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

chiesa San Giovanni Battista

In the thirteenth century, Buonopane already had a church dedicated to St. John. They had .....
Chiesa Santa Maria la Porta

chiesaSanta Maria la Porta

It rises at the center of the square dedicated to the memory of Canon Luigi Scotti, and ...
Chiesa S. Giuseppe e S. Anna

chiesaS. Giuseppe e S. Anna

In 1849 Carlo Santucci rented some land to cultivate in Barano...
San Sebastiano Martire

chiesaSan Sebastiano Martire

Probably built in the late sixteenth century, it was as the site of an Augustinian convent ...
Chiesa SS. Trinità

chiesaChiesa SS. Trinità

In the area of Cretaio, stands a church dedicated to SS Crucifix. Made ...
Maria SS.Madre della Chiesa

chiesaMaria Madre della Chiesa

Newly built church, inaugurated in 2009, the new parish ...
Natività della Madonna

chiesaNativity of Our Lady

The Russo family in the first half of '600, founded the church with two cells for hermits ...
Chiesa di Sant'Alfonso

chiesaSant'Alfonso Church

Church of Sant'Alfonso in Vatoliere ...
Chiesa di San Rocco

chiesaSan Rocco Church

He is the patron saint of Barano. The church dates back to the seventeenth century, in the eighteenth century..
Chiesa di S.Maria Costantinopoli

chiesa S.Maria Costantinopoli

The church was founded in 1748. Of particular interest are the cloth that hangs ...
Madonna del Carmine

chiesaMadonna del Carmine

The Confraternity of Del Carmine was founded in 1684 Barano, while the statute was ...
icon-2 Municipality of Casamicciola Terme
Parrocchia S. Maria Maddalena

chiesaS. Maria Maddalena

The parish of Casamicciola, located before the earthquake of July 28 1883 to ...
Chiesa di Sant'Anna

chiesaSant'Anna Church

The Church of S. Pasquale Baylon, founded in the mid-1700 by Francesco ...
Santa Maria della Pietà

chiesaSanta Maria della Pietà

It houses the Congregation of St. Mary of Mercy, founded in the early seventeenth century. ...
Chiesa del Buon Consiglio

chiesaBuon Consiglio Church

Del Buon Consiglio church, also called of Marinai, was founded by a ...
Chiesa e Convento di S. Gabriele

chiesaS. Gabriele Convent

The monastery and the Church of San Gabriel, was opened on January 21, 1931. At first it was ..
Parrocchia di S. Antonio da Padova

chiesa S. Antonio da Padova

The church of St. Anthony of Padua, built according to the parish in 1955, ...
Chiesa di S. Giuseppe (Villa Joseph)

chiesa S. Giuseppe (Villa Joseph)

In 1922 Miss Josephine Morgera built and open a house...
Chiesa dell'Immacolata

chiesaImmacolata Church

The Immaculate Conception Church, anciently dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua. It was ...
Santa Maria dei Suffragi

chiesaSanta Maria dei Suffragi

The Church of St. Mary of the votes that Purgatory, whose probable date ...
icon-2 Municipality of Forio

chiesaPurgatorio Church

The church of St. Michael, better known as the Church of the Purgatory, a ...
Chiesa di San Francesco di Paola

chiesa San Francesco di Paola

Along the narrow road that leads to the beaches of Chiaia and Sciavica (now ...
Chiesa di San Gaetano

chiesaSan Gaetano church

The most interesting part of the Church is made ??up of the façade: it has a shape ...
Chiesa di San Carlo Madonna della Libera

Chiesa di chiesaSan Carlo

The Church of San Carlo, also known as della Libera, has a simple facade, with a...
Chiesina delle Rose

chiesaChiesina delle Rose

Fraz. Monterone Forio ...
Basilica di S. Maria di Loreto

chiesaS. Maria di Loreto

The Church has an imposing facade, elevated above the road level...
Arciconfraternita Maria SS. Visitapoveri

chiesaMaria SS. Visitapoveri

The Confraternity has two sides: one external and one internal. The first ...
Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi

chiesaSan Francesco d'Assisi

Incorporated between the Franciscan monastery and the Confraternity of Santa Maria Visitapoveri outside ...
Santa Maria del Soccorso

chiesaSanta Maria del Soccorso

The Church del Soccorso, a unique example of local architecture,...
Chiesa di San Vito

chiesaSan Vito church

The cathedral stands on a hilltop overlooking the main elevation of ...
Parrocchia di S. Sebastiano

chiesaPar.of S. Sebastiano

The church of St. Anthony, also known as Church of St. Sebastian,...
Santa Maria al Monte

chiesaSanta Maria al Monte

The church, located over 400 meters above sea level, is located in a...
Chiesa di San Domenico

chiesaSan Domenico Church

Little Church of simple architecture, built in a rural area, today...
Parrocchia di San Michele

chiesaParish of San Michele

Overlooking the small Piazza SS. Immaculate, the church, known as...
Parrocchia di S. Francesco Saverio

chiesa S. Francesco Saverio

The parish of St. Francesco Xavier was once a church dedicated to...
Chiesa di Santa Lucia

chiesaSanta Lucia church

The church has a very simple façade with a portal in the wall, an oculus at the ...
Parrocchia di S. Leonardo

chiesaParish of S. Leonardo

The building, located at the left end of the square, is preceded by a ..
Arciconfraternita della SS. Annunziata

chiesaArc. della SS. Annunziata

Founded in the early seventeenth century. The construction is very simple in its ...
Madonna delle Grazie in S. Gennaro

chiesaMadonna delle Grazie

The church, located next to the cemetery Panza, is located in a secluded and...
Oratorio dell'Assunta

chiesaOratory of the Assumption.

The Oratory is located on the right side of the Church of St. Our Lady of Loreto. It has a...
icon-2 Comune di Ischia
Cattedrale S.Maria dell'Assunta

chiesa S.Maria dell'Assunta

Was built in 1388 by Pietro Cossa on the beach a few meters from the Castle...
Chiesa dello Spirito Santo

chiesaSpirito Santo Church

Where now stands the church of the Holy Spirit in 1500 there was a small chapel...
Santa Maria delle Grazie (S. Pietro)

chiesaSanta Maria delle Grazie

The church stands on the current course of Ischia Porto Vittoria Colonna, in the village...
Chiesa e Convento di S. Antonio

chiesaConvent of St. Antonio

The original monastery was near the modern Villari Villa that was...
Chiesa dell'Addolorata

chiesaAddolorata Church

In 1873, the family Morgioni donated to the diocese and Bishop of Ischia the ground ...
Eremo di S. Girolamo

chiesaEremo di S. Girolamo

One of the most ancient and small churches of the island is the Church of St. Jerome. You can...
Parrocchia di Portosalvo

chiesaParish of Portosalvo

The church of St. Mary was built by the Bourbons Portosalvo: started in 1854 on...
Chiesa di S. Alessandro

chiesaS. Alessandro Church

The church, dedicated to the martyr Pope Alexander, was born as a private chapel...
Congrega S.Maria Costantinopoli

chiesaS.Maria Costantinopoli

It was built in 1613 and is well maintained and has only one altar. Very nice and...
Parrocchia S. Antonio Abate

chiesa S. Antonio Abate

The parish of St. Anthony goes back to the sixteenth cent., Since 1800...
Chiesa di S. Ciro

chiesaS. Ciro church

It is near a small chapel dedicated to St. Ciro built in 1893 ...
Chiesa di S.Maria del Carmine

chiesaS.Maria del Carmine

Chapel Via Gian Battista Vico - Ischia
Chiesa del Buon Pastore

chiesaBuon Pastore church

The church is modern, built about 40 years ago, and also old...
SS. Crocifisso

chiesaSS. Crocifisso

Fraz. di Fondobosso Via Michele Mazzella - Ischia ...
Parrocchia di S. Domenico

chiesaParish of S. Domenico

In the seventeenth century in this area there was a church dedicated to St. In Sebastian...
Chiesetta S. Anna

chiesaSmall church of S. Anna

The church of St. Anne goes back to the first half of the sixteenth century and was built almost...
Chiesa di S. Domenico

chiesaS. Domenico church

The church of San Domenico, classified by the Superintendent of Monuments, such as...
icon-2 Municipality of Lacco Ameno
Parrocchia di S. Restituta

chiesaParish of S. Restituta

Where now stands the church of Santa Restituta, once there was a large cistern...
Parrocchia S. Maria delle Grazie

chiesaS. Maria delle Grazie

It is jewel in crow of eighteenth-century architecture, miraculously survived...
Chiesa dell'Assunta

chiesaAssunta Church

The church was completely restored in 1884. Founded initially as...
Chiesa di San Giuseppe

chiesaSan Giuseppe church

The first document that attests the existence of the holy place dates back to 1712. ...
Chiesa dell'Annunziata

chiesaAnnunziata church

Harmonious architectural lines, all grace and simplicity, on models style ...
Chiesa di Sant'Anna

chiesaSant'Anna church

The first document which mentions the existence of the church of San Rocco (and congregation ...
icon-2Municipality of Serrara Fontana
Chiesa Parrocchiale della Mercede

chiesaMercede church

This parish is the oldest of our island, dating back to 1374 when the...
Chiesa di San Nicola

chiesaSan Nicola church

The church is dug in the tufa rock, which already existed before 1459, as described ...
Parrocchia di S. Michele Arcangelo

chiesa S. Michele Arcangelo

The church of St. Michael the Archangel was built in 1850, its founder and first...
Chiesa Maria SS. del Carmine

chiesaMaria SS. del Carmine

The church has two aisles and the right is nothing more than the old...
Chiesa di S. Antonio

chiesaS. Antonio church

The center of Fontana is dominated by attractive church of Saint Anthony...
Chiesa della Assunta e San Ciro Martire

chiesaChurch of Assunta and S. Ciro Martire

The ancient church, called the Chapel of St. James and...
Chiesa della Natività di Maria SS.

chiesa Nativity of our Lady

The church of Our Lady of Montevergine dates back to 1684. In the eighteenth century, for some ...
Chiesa Maria SS. Immacolata

chiesaMaria SS. Immacolata

The bull of foundation dates back to 1689. This church is the Moorish style, with vaulted...

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