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Our Lady of Grace Parish

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It is a little jewel in the crown of architecture, miraculously survived a terrible natural disaster. In the place where now stands the parish, there was a plot of land that surrounded two buildings dating back to 1619 the property of the Monti family.
Around 1670, Sebastiano Monti, wished to found a private chapel, built in 1675 and it quickly became functional. In 1732 the church had been completed at all, in over one hundred years the Church of St. Maria delle Grazie obtained a series of benefits and privileges from the Holy See, becoming the center of the religious fervor of lacquer. In 1883 the earthquake damaged the top of the façade of the church making it unusable and dangerous so the Bishop ordered closing.
In 1934 began the first restoration, and in 1941 began the second phase of restoration.
In 1944 the church of S. Maria delle Grazie, was resurrected to new life: the facade completely rebuilt on the original models, interior restored in strict compliance with the ancient architecture, furnishings and works. In 1948 there was the construction of the tower.
The interior has a basilica plan, is divided into three naves with a vault with lunettes, center, and cross vaults in the aisles.
Objets d'art are in the parish: Polychrome bust of Saint Lucia, a wooden sculpture of Jesus, wooden pulpit dating from the sixteenth century, eighteenth-century wooden statue of St. Anthony, paintings of the eighteenth century.

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