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Maria SS Immacolata church

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The bull of foundation dates back to 1689. This church is in Moorish style, with barrel vaults and lunettes extrados, the plant is rectangular with curved apse. On the left is situated the shrine bell. The single nave, has a transept with two altars and fine stucco decorations.
On the back wall of the chancel stands a painting of the Immaculate Conception, an oil on canvas, signed and dated 1713 by Paolo de Matteis, great painter from Cilento, who worked in the Neapolitan church of Santa Brigida, there he executed a painting of the same subject , depicting cherubs offering roses and lilies to the Virgin.
The congregation is open for worship on Sundays and has its own statute and numerous affiliates that attend assiduity to functions and funerals .. In particular, it honors the Immaculate with a solemn novena, songs and a short procession.
Mappa della Chiesa Maria SS. Immacolata


Address: via Lorenzo Fiore
City Hall: 80070 - Serrara Fontana
 Holy Masses hours: sun. 8:30
Priest: Don Angelo Iacono
Bus lines: 11 - 9 - CD - CS


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