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Maria SS. Visitapoveri Confraternity

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The Confraternity has two sides: one external and one internal. The first is modeled on that of the rescue and has adorned the portal of piperno arches lined with broken pediment and recessed center is an oval with a picture painted on ceramic tiles. The second one has a rectangular shape with two small windows with rounded corners and a meridian circle. On the ledge there are arches for the bells. On either side of the ledge there are pyramids and obelisks. The church has a rectangular plan, consisting of a nave, quite low, decorated wooden stalls. It has a dome that surmounts the bowl at the altar. The interior is decorated with stucco in Baroque style. It has a floor that dates back to the eighteenth century.

Historical info

There is no precise information about the date of the founding of this congregation. Di Lustro has established that the building of the Congregation of the Oratory, can be included in the period between 1590 to 1620. In these years he formed the Pio Sodalizio. The assistance activity was fervent and stopped in 1656, when Forio was invaded by the plague. In 1620 a fire destroyed furniture and furnishings, which were repurchased by the contribution of believers. In 1750 the marble altar was rebuilt, and about forty years later, the floors were made of earthenware, the choir with the organ. In 1829 a royal decree, S. Mary of Visitapoveri became a Confraternity. The statues of the Risen Christ, the Madonna and St. John was commissioned in 1756. There are six beautiful works by Alfonso Di Spigna representing: the “Assumption”, “Immaculate”, “The Marriage of the Virgin”, “The Nativity”, the “Annunciation”, “The Visitation”, and a painting “the Martyrdom of John the Baptist”. A table of the painter Domenico Antonio Verde representing the “Deposition from the Cross of Jesus”. A painting of Anna Maria Mannecchia “Baptism of Jesus and John the Baptist”.




Mappa dell' Arciconfraternita Maria SS. Visitapoveri


Address: Piazza Municipio
City Hall: 80075 - Forio
Foundation age: XVI - XVII
Date: 1590 - 1620
Opening Masses: sun 8:30
Priest: Canon Michele Romano
Bus lines: 1 - 14 - 2 - CD - CS

Objects d'art


  • Madonna delle Grazie con i SS. Giuseppe e Roccoby Di Spigna Alfonso
  • Incontro di Gesù con il Battista by Manecchia Anna Maria
  • Storie della Vergine by Di Spigna Alfonso
  • Decollazione del Battista by Di Spigna Alfonso


  • S. Giovanni author unknown
  • Angelo author unknown
  • Redentore author unknown
  • Madonna author unknown


  • Roof with floral and natural decorations autore ignoto


  • Stucchi by Starace Francesco



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