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The Del Carmine Confraternity was founded in 1684 in Barano, while the statute was approved by King Ferdinand IV and the Royal House of S. Chiara in 1784. The devotion of the Madonna del Carmine was widespread at that time the island of Ischia, thanks to the Carmelite friars in Santa Restituta. This church was damaged by the earthquake of 83, but thanks to the contributions of all the faithful, it was soon reopened for worship and maintained always decorated with the zeal of the brethren. The church boasts a beautiful eighteenth-century statue of the Madonna del Carmine.
In this building gathered, many times, the parliament of Barano, especially when the meetings were important and so crowded. We were able to read and examine the final organic statute of the Brotherhood. To be admitted to the confraternity had to be aged no more than three decades, with certain exceptions, certified by the pastor to have good behavior and healthy physique proved by medical certificate. The brothers were obliged to pay an application fee and contribute monthly to every Brother was granted the right to “assistance to die well”. It could be expelled from the Brotherhood for misconduct and for failing to pay the entry fee.

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