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Parich of Saint Restituta

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Where today rises the Church of S. Restututa, in the past raised the large roman cistern. Just here the first Paleochristian basilica was erected between the IV and V century A.D.
When the Carmelite brothers arrived in Lacco, took possession of the church, but at the end of the XVI century they tore down the old church and brought about changes, so the church appears today.
The actual façade in Neoclassic style was built in 1910. Entering the church, on the first chapel to the right, on a table of the 1500 one sees the image of Madonna del Carmine, in front of another statue of the Immacolata. In the background we find three canvases by Filippo Baldi.
Above and all around the church there are paintings with scenes of the martyr of S. Restituta by Mastroianni in 1883-1885.

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