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Church of Buon Consiglio

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The Church of Buon Consiglio, also known as the Sailors' Church was founded by a group of maritime masters, whose names are carved in a marble slab. The construction of a church dedicated to the cult of Our Lady of Good Counsel, St. John the Baptist and the Souls of Purgatory, began in 1821, after the purchase of land in Marina Square. The interior consists of a single aisle. On the sides, from the beginning, were placed two altars, one dedicated to the Souls in Purgatory and the other at St. John the Baptist. In 1929 the walls were covered with marble.
On the main altar is a painting by an unknown artist, dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel. There is a statue that is presumed built, towards the second half of the 700. The church contains many statues (St. Anthony, Our Lady of Sorrows, and Immaculate Heart of Jesus), paintings (Baptism of Jesus Christ and Our Lady of Good Counsel).

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