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Church of Assunta

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The church was restored in 1884. Founded initially as a Lay Brotherhood in 1684. Because of the earthquake of 1983, the church was not entirely damaged, so the importance of the church grew in time, so that in 1957 it was necessary to carry out other renovations, expansion and refraction of the sacristy of the complete facade.
On the left there are two gravestones and a small wooden crucifix carved skillfully. Below there is a niche with the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary come from the United States and donated in 1926 by emigrants from Lacco. Very old painting, by an unknown author, who plays St. Peter's half-length, picture of the Annunciation.
In the chapel with a wooden statue of Our Lady of the Assumption of the eighteenth century, in the middle, the marble high altar stained with the great altarpiece of the Assumption. The seventeenth-century wooden pulpit and a beautiful painting of the seventeenth century, depict the birth of St. Anne. In the sacristy of the eighteenth century there are wooden statues of the Risen Christ, the Angel Gabriel, St. John the Evangelist, Mary Magdalene and the Madonna of the Rosary. The wooden choir with a small organ, dating back to the eighteenth century.

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