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Church of Addolorata

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In 1873, the Morgioni family donated to the Diocese of Ischia the ground and Archbishop Francesco De Nicola built the church, which with the help of common people to venerate the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, kept in the house a pious woman. The statue, had a reputation of working with many popular story according to an ancient and nine of these are attested by the leaked spontaneously in the face of the sacred image.
The small rectangular building has a nave with a circular apse. The façade is simple and straightforward with a small porch, the interior, rather elegant, with walls are divided by two blind arches on pilasters surmounted by a cornice overhanging a lot, from which there is a wide barrel vault (in good hand painted) characterized by a series of windows and fanlights. In the bottom of the nave, the apse (also full of paintings and marbles) is introduced by a large arch on pilasters and welcomes the marble altar was built from scratch in 70 years, a large niche marked by a fine frame wooden, houses the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows.

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