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The Mirtina pinewood

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Here the ancient and majestic pine trees dominate, the forest floor is composed of Arbutus, heathers, spurge, Lecci, phillyrea, brooms, myrtles. Then are the popular Asparagus and Mushrooms. The show, which increased the Pinewood offers a view of the spring, is a carpet of wildflowers along all paths. As testimony to the volcanic nature of the place is the widespread water vapor in the air: are the fumaroles and hot springs of groundwater. This very special microclimate has allowed the presence of special shapes of plants on the island and found only in tropical climates such as the famous "Papyrus of the fumarole" (Cyperus polystachius). In the lower part of the Pinewood demonstrates a number of sources of water including the source Mirtina whose water was even bottled and sold, and a large area with a stage dedicated to summer events and concerts.

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