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Folk feasts

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feste-popolariEvery year, on a regular basis, Ischia renews its ancient traditions and celebrations. Catholic holidays and farm and sea celebrations and alternate, cold winter to hot summer. The ancient Catholic traditions have altered the face of the island of Ischia, giving its artistic and cultural heritage over seventy churches with saints, revered for thousands of years by districts Ischia. Sant’Anna, San Vito, San Giovan Giuseppe, Santa Restituta, are just some of the Saints that the districts, and on special occasions the entire island, dedicate festivities that last for an average of three to five days.

Especially noteworthy are the religious rituals, the decorations of churches and streets, the air of celebration and the special joy that is expressed by all participants, as if to recall the old value that was given to those feast days and not single representation ritual event. The fireworks are a real treat for the fans of the genre, real races are held every year for the award of the title of , digging up part of the rivalry that has always existed between the various municipalities and districts of the country. The ancient traditions of the island of Ischia are also strongly represented in the major holidays of the year, Holy Easter and the Christmas. There are many events of historical cultural and religious represented in the six municipalities on the island of Ischia, such as “The Fish Market on Christmas Eve”, “Angel Run” and “The Via Crucis” at Easter.

  • St. Michael the Archangel

  • Saint Restituta

  • The Cantine Pietratorcia Wine Event

  • Corsa dell’Angelo

  • La Vigilia di Natale ed il mercato del pesce

  • San Francesco di Paola

  • Festa di San Vito

  • La Madonna Addolorata

  • Festa di S. Alessandro

  • San Giovan Giuseppe della Croce

  • Festa di S. Anna

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