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The Nenzi Bozzi pinewood

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Thus defined by the families who owned the first public expropriation, is actually a real well-kept garden, where they were placed with wisdom and harmony plant species from various sources. The tree layer is rich enough pines, with some very beautiful examples of Alianto and Ash. Along the path alternate Daisies, brooms, myrtles, spurge, Carnations and Geranei to form a beautiful kaleidoscope. There are, furthermore, the Laurel, Valerian, the Butcher’s Broom, the Ivy and even the olive trees and a majestic Carob. Coming later in the central area of Pineta encounter an exotic spectacle: two rock gardens with plants "fat" (Agave, Aloe, Echinocactus, Eceverie, Prickly India among others) that have dazzling blooms.
Often, in all seasons of the year, the Pinewood turns into a popular auditorium, where concerts, lectures, theater, while the afternoon of summer Sundays are reserved for the celebration of Mass.

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