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Parr. St. Dominico SS. Annunziata

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In the seventeenth century in this area there was a church dedicated to St. Sebastiano where Annunciation of Mary was venerated. We do not know if it has changed the title or, having been abandoned, it was built another church under the name of the Annunciation, which was restored in 1792. Inside you can admire a beautiful altar and toile and a few more marbles of the eighteenth century. The bell and clock tower are highlighted by a cover of majolica. The upper part of facade is covered with a coating of finely decorated with tiles in the center cross of Malta and starry flowers in the corners. They represented two figurative scenes, the Annunciation and Vision of St. John Joseph, which was originally to be located higher up, then moved lower in 1896: the valuable work carried out was probably a shop and the Annunciation had to be done, however, by Neapolitan maiolica artist completed in 1781. To equip the church with bells summoned the good heart of the people who offered their objects of gold, which merged with other precious metals gave rise to their creation. Temple and meeting place, where old farmers during the sunset of feast days, met to greet the country gentleman with a harmonious chanting, dedicated to Lady.

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