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Parish of St. Antonio of Padua

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The church of St. Antonio of Padua, built as second parish in 1955, which, as it stands, is the result of many operations on a rural church, founded in 1692 by Cesare Corbera, Laura Calosirto’s husband, the sister of St. John Joseph of the Cross. Cesare Corbera obtained from the Curia the right of patronage for himself and his heirs and successors having also endowed the church of 14 ducats, to be assigned to the chaplain for the celebration of Mass on Sundays. In 1855, the heirs of Cesare Corbera (Mancuso, Baratelli, De Sanctis) accepted that some devotees, at his own expense, rebuild and adorn the church, which was then the only one spared by the earthquake on July 28, 1883 and for years functioned as the parish (30 July 1883 / 28 July 1884). Work almost from the beginning were subcontracted by the Rector and Fat Filippo Buono, in 1956, there was transferred the parish of St. Joseph (priest Don Victor Iacono) title in 1986 was changed to “Parish of St. Antonio of Padua”. Marble altar stands, since 1985, the wooden statue of St. Antonio of Padua (XIX century), which replaced the ancient terracotta statuette of 1850, enlarged in 1950. The church welcomes other three statues: St. Joseph, Jesus and the Immaculate Conception.

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