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Convent and Church of San Gabriel

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The convent and the Church of St. Gabriel, was opened on January 21, 1931. At first, the room was by no means sufficient to the needs and demands of the liturgy of the faithful, the Passionist Fathers in 1936, with Father Gabriel, start earthworks. Despite the narrowness of the land available, Erasmo Lombardi ceded for free generous part of his land. When the church was nearly completed, it was decided to erect a tower on top of which now oversees the statue of the Immaculate Virgin, a work and a gift of Mr. Luigi Mennella. The whole complex was, with solemn celebrations, inaugurated in March 1953. To admire the peculiarities of the columns and capitals, friezes, stucco and concrete floor cast with panels of marble. On the main altar stands the statue of St. Gabriel, and on the right, a statue of St. Paul of the Cross (January 3, 1694 - October 18, 1775, canonized by Pius IX on June 29, 1867), the founder of the Congregation of the Passion of Christ, whose components are called “Passionist”.

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