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Parish of St. Michele

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Overlooking the small Piazza SS. Immaculata, the church, also known as S. Michele al Cerriglio, is preceded by a courtyard enclosed by a railing. The facade is decorated with pairs of pilasters at the two side towers and is bounded by a projecting cornice. The movement, in the central area of convex, concave on both sides of you. From the main front is not unusual plant perceives the ellipsoidal peculiarities of the small church, while inside the pillars, embedded in the walls, mark the division to eight segments of the ellipsoidal shell. The dome on the outside with clay roofing tiles, resting on a drum pierced by oculi. Inside, stucco sinuous grace the canvases placed on the three altars, a fine 1700 wooden pulpit from the convex form. The stone walls of the church is in tuff and lava stone. The artwork in the church are three paintings of a Spigna "S. Michele drives the rebel angels from heaven”, “The Nativity”, “Immaculate” paintings of the eighteenth century, the picture of S. Michael the Archangel, wooden statues of St. Anthony of Padua, Our Lady of Sorrows, Christ Blessing, S. Antonio, and a small pipe organ and the choir of the eighteenth century ..

Historical Info

The founder of the church was Erasmo Castaldi, said Zotta, who built it in 1748. The heirs retained the patronage until 1936, when it became a parish. A flood in 1910 wreaked serious structural damage to the building, without damaging the paintings and other art objects stored inside (the precious altarpieces Alfonso Di Spigna, the wooden pulpit and furnishings major ). During the reconstruction work, financed by contributions of the faithful, the priest Pietro Calise had to add a clock on the left side, to create symmetry with the opposite side of the tower. A plaque dated 1919 on the left side of the entrance recalls the event of flooding and the repair and renewal desired by the priest.
Mappa della Parrocchia di San Michele


Address: Via SS.Immacolata
City Hall: 80075 - Forio
Century Foundation: XVIII cent.
Date: 1748
Opening Masses: sun 7:00 – 11:15
Priest: Don Pasquale Sferratore
Bus lines: 14 - 2 - 9 -CD -CS

Objets d'art


  • Immacolata con santi e donatore by Di Spigna Alfonso
  • S. Michele abbatte Lucifero by Di Spigna Alfonso
  • Adorazione dei pastori by Di Spigna Alfonso
  • Ecce homo e S. Antonio Abate unknown author

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