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Tower of Nacera

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The tower known as ‘di Nacera’ has conserved throughout time its isolated, suggestive position on the landscape. The building consists of a single, square-shaped with a flat roof terraces, which is accessed via some steps cut in the tuff. Outside is covered with tuff stone roughly cut, reinforced at the corners well shaped blocks. The tore of separation placed at the top of the pavilion vault subdivides the base of the pyramidal trunk of the second floor; only a few rows of stone remain here.

Historical Info

To Nacera is one of the towers built along the roads leading to the campaigns, which function as lookout and refuge for the farmers in case of raids from the sea. The map of the island of Ischia of Ortelio (1590) attests to the existence of the tower since the sixteenth century. The portal is dated back to 1691 and a coat of arms dating back at a later building, when the tower was purchased by a new owner. The tower was originally two storeys, the upper part is destroyed. The name derives from that of a former owner, the lawyer Domenico Nacera. A document of 1686 preserved in the State Archives in Naples describes the tower: "Tower, consisting of two earthen houses, millstone, Cortiglia, tank, garden, and other facilities with a well inside" on it weighed an annual income for 22 pugs "rogare from the V (ENER) in the monastery of St. Restituta Lacco house" (see Monti, 1980). At least since the eighties has been in the family Patalano.
Mappa Torre di Nacera


Place: Via Cava del Cerriglio.
City Hall: 80075 - Forio
Land registry office: f. 17 part. 372.
Time period: second half of the 16th century.
Original use: tower used for sightings and refuge.
Today’s use: ruins
Property owner: private.
Protection laws: n. 1497 del 1939.
Plan: circular.
Roofing: flat, terrazzo-style.
Vaults or attics: pavilion vault.
Stairs: there are stairs to access the tower dug in the tuff.
Pavement: lapillus concrete.
Masonry: masonry in tuff rock.
State of preservation: good


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