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Located a part the built up area, in a suggestive and panoramic position, the tower called Torone, represents an important visual point by sea and land. It was realized as place of refuge and defence against pirates attacks, nowadays is a private residence. The circular base, in fact, consists of a rocky block with an access realized in dug steps. A thick torus divides the roofing by the first level. A second torus repeats the covering, with consoles by its sides. To finish, a plan roofing with windows and slits of tuff stone. Retuirning to the centre, after Via San Vito toward Via Roma and Gaetano Morgera begins the ancient suburb called Cierco. After 100 meters to the right the Tower ‘Via G. Morgera’ rises.

Historic info

The tower is situated in a strategic position, between land and sea. The zone around was plan without natural refuges where people can lie low, so between 1534 and 1536, during pirate Dragut attacks, the tower of defence was built.
Mappa Torone


Place: strada Torone, 11
Cadastre: foglio 22 part. 84.
Period: hal of the XVI sec.
Original use: tower of defence and refuge
Today's use: home
Property: private.
Protection law: n. 1497 del 193.
Plant: circular.
Roofing: plan-terrace style
Vault or roofs: emisphere-shaped vault.
Stairs: Stairs dug into tuff stone and wall.
Pavement: brick
External decorations: taurus and consoles in lava stone.
State of preservation: good


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