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San Carlo Madonna della Libera

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The Church of St. Carlo, also known as della Libera has a simple façade with a portal in stone green, surmounted by a curved tympanum of a pure Renaissance. The entrance to the church opens onto a terrace raised a few feet from the road, which is accessed via a stone stairway. The front side is very interesting: there are three buttresses, shelves in the shape of inverted arches of the three that load time. In the frieze of the portal is an inscription which commemorates the founding of the temple, by Sebastian Sportiello. The plant has a single nave, in Latin cross, with an apse and transept. Along the nave, there are three slightly recessed arches and a large transept, whose arms are covered with barrel vaults. On either side of the transept, there are two niches with a basin formed by a shell of green tuff. The ceiling is covered with wooden slats. The architectural elements, stone green tuff, are the purest Doric style. The Church is full of frescoes and has a cornice with metopes.

Historical Info

On the origin of the church, founded in 1620, D’Ascia recounts a legend according to which the family Sportiello, native of Sorrento, had escaped from the city to avoid the vengeance of a noble family, who had killed a bishop. To expiate the crime scene, Sportiello family built two churches, far apart, facing each other: S. Carlo and St. Maria al Monte. The architectural style reminiscent of the church, as noted by Salvati (p. 28), S. Gaetano, but the facade you see shows strong differences between “portal and the window at the top, pure taste of the Renaissance and the rest of the front wall, where you see a hand inexperienced, naive and primitive”. The similarity with St. Gaetano back on the terrace level of the elevated road, bounded by a parapet of lava rock. The church has managed to retain the original and beautiful architecture (local style) despite the earthquake of 1883 and 1910 floods. The last renovation took place in 1983.
a table of “St. Francis d 'Assisi receives the Madonna and Child”signed by Cesare Calise P. D. A. 1635” (not referring to the forian artist because he signed with different initials). Canvas “S. Giacinto dinnanzi alla Madonna”, painted in 1633 by Calise, 800 wooden crucifix, wooden statue of the Madonna della Libera, 700.
Mappa della Chiesa San Carlo Madonna della Libera


Address: Contrada il Cierco
City Hall: 80075 - Forio
Foundation Age: XVII cent.
Date: 1620
Holy Masses hours: solar time 19:00, daylight saving time 20:00
Priest: Mons. Giuseppe Regine
Bus lines: 1 - 14 - 2 - CD - CS

Objets d'art


  • Compianto sul Cristo morto by Calise Cesare
  • Storie di S. Francesco unknown author
  • Storie di Santi unknown author
  • Angelo Custode unknown author
  • Il perdono di Assisi e S. Francesco riceve le stimmate dell'autore Calise Cesare
  • Santi unknown author
  • Crocifisso unknown author
  • Paliotti con motivi fogliacei unknown author
  • Crocifissione di San Pietro by Calise Cesare


  • S. Carlo Borromeo by Calise Cesare
  • Visione di S. Giacinto by Calise Cesare
  • Madonna della Libera by Calise Cesare


  • Madonna della Libera unknown author



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