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Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral

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In 1388 was built a magnificent temple dedicated to the Madonna della Scala by Pietro Cossa on the beach a few meters from the Castle. On the side was also built a convent, and the direction of the temple was entrusted to the Augustinian fathers.
The cathedral was demolished three times to be expanded, becoming established in 1810, the Mother Church of the Diocese.
The Baroque style dominates all around, while the light enters from the sky, giving a sense of mystical rest. The marble floor is a gift from Bishop Mario Palladino in 1912. The frames that adorn the altars of the blades are a classic seventeenth-century luxury.
The works of art in the Cathedral are paintings depicting Santa Monica and Santa Rita baptistery, in front of a picture that shows St. Thomas of Villanova, the first altar altarpiece depicting St. Joseph Di Spigna and in front of there is a framework of the Annunciation.
In the vault top, there are two pieces of 1760 representing a St. Augustine, the other with S. Nicholas of Tolentino, the center of the main altar are painted the picture of the Assumption in 1759.

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