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Church of San Domenico

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PLittle Church of simple architecture, built in a rural area, now quite densely populated, the church of S. Dominico can be reached through narrow winding streets. Its origins are rustic exposed by small size and simple architecture. The only special feature is the top of the front, tapering upwards through some steps, which is why it is taken up above the door. Only the main facade is plastered and painted with pink and white colours, while the rest of the building has brick walls of tufa stone, which are derived in some niches. The interior is extremely simple, has an altar on which is placed a painting of St. Dominic in 1938 by Giacomo Genovino of Forio.

Historical-critical news

Built in the mid-eighteenth century, the church was under the patronage of the Amalfitano family. The report of the pastoral visit of 1886 can be deduced that due to the damage caused by the earthquake of 1883 the church was restored and covered, but it was still unfinished. In the early twentieth century, it was completely restored by the priest Giovan Crisostomo Verde. In the early seventies, the church was closed for worship and in a complete state of abandonment, to the 1975 restoration was begun on the initiative of some local residents.
Mappa della Chiesa di San Domenico


Address: Via Bocca
City Hall: 80075 - Forio
Period of foundation: XVIII cent.
Holy Masses hours: ---
Priest: Mons. Giuseppe Regine
Bus lines: 1 - 14 - 2 - 9 - CD - CS

Objets d'art

Madonna delle Grazie con S. Francesco Saverio e S. Gaetano, Pietà.


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