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The parish of Casamicciola, located in the zone of Maio before the earthquake of July 28, 1883, the year of the foundation is unknown. The only precise date is 1540, when the Bishop of Ischia, Monsignor Agostino Falivenia from Giffoni (1534-1548), better known as Augustine Pastineo, grants a right of patronage to the University and to men of the Hamlet of Casamicciola. The ancient little church was dedicated to St. Severino and already served as a parish. The priest of the time, Don Bartholomew Monte, the university and the people of the hamlet of Casamicciola contribute in the rebuilding, expanding and decorating of the new church. The ancient title of San Severino is combined with "substantial ex-devotion" to Saint Mary Magdalene Penitent, which will prevail over the centuries. Destroyed by the earthquake of 1883, it was rebuilt in this place and on May 31, 1896 there was the solemn blessing of the new parish church, dedicated to the Holy Heart of Jesus and Mary Magdalene Penitent. The church has three naves and involves nine altars one High Altar in polychrome marble, of which tower the statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Mary Magdalene. To the left of the entrance there is the tomb of the Venerable Giuseppe Morgera, in course of beatification and immediately after, there is the altar with carved and painted wooden crucifix, sculpted during the first half of the XIX century. To admire: the marble baptismal font (XVIII century), from the old parish church at Davis, the Pieta (the second half of XIX cent.) Sculpture of St. Penitent Mary Magdalene (the first half century. XIX). On the right, altar of the Assumption (the second half of the XIX cent.) Framework from the destroyed church of the Assunta in Piazza Bagni, Trinity (early XIX cent.), The tomb of Bishop Charles Mennella, bishop of Mennith Auxiliary of Ischia. At the exit, display case with a wooden statue of St. Emidio (late nineteenth century). In the sacristy, movable furniture of chestnut wood (craft Campania, the end XIX cent.) with three shrines with statues of Saint Anne, Saint Michael and Saint Lucia (second half of the eighteenth century). Three other shrines with statues: Our Lady of Sorrows, the Virgin of the Assumption; altar of painted wood in imitation marble, painting (oil on canvas) depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints (second half. XVIII). In adjacent rooms: a painting depicting Tobias and the Angel (end of sec. XVIII); statue, carved in wood and painted, S. John Joseph of the Cross (the second half of the nineteenth century).

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