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Church of Sant' Anna

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The Church of St. Pasuqale Baylon, founded in the middle of 1700 by Francesco Antonio Corbera, Cesare’s son and nephew, and of S. John Joseph of the Cross. It came to Mancuso, Baratelli, De Sanctis, heirs, in the female line, of Corbera. In 1889, following negotiations conducted by Antonio Morgera, was given the Congregation of St. Anna. The church, however, had already received, after the earthquake of 1881, the Santa Maria lay pious work of Suffrage, founded in 1872 by Fr Vincenzo Piro (died 12/13/1875) in the church of the Purgatory in Maio, who was indeed destroyed by the earthquake of March 4, 1881. Sightseeing: a marble altar on which stands a wooden statue in one piece of San Pasquale Baylon. Statues of St. Anthonio of Padua, John Joseph of the Cross, St. Ciro. Two side altars, one with a painting of St. Anne, the other with a painting of Our Lady of Sorrows. Admire the artistic Via Crucis (oil painting by Luigi Marta), gift of Countess Julia von der Pahler in Sarnoyloff in 1844.

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