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Sant'Alessandro Church

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The church, dedicated to the martyr AlexanderPope, was born as a private chapel of the family Di Manso's family, in 1326.
The old chapel, still retains its original structure. The Durazzesco portal belongs to the fourteenth century, one of the few examples from the South area. Inside the church can still be seen laying a marble slab, in a letter in Latin, the name of Andrea di Manso. Executor of the building, the plaque is now used as a shelf for ampoules and is located on the right side of the altar. Below the church still in its original form, there is the chorus of nuns visible through an opening to the right side of the street of Sant 'Alessandro, the area of the choir, unfortunately now privately owned, is used as a deposit.
In 1981, the Committee pro Sant 'Alessandro, born by the will of residents and regular guests of the village, with the approval of the last owner Maria di Manso, has restored the ancient church bringing back not only appearance but also restoring its original functions.

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