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Church of Purgatory

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Harmonious architectural lines, in grace and simplicity, following the models in "local style", the small Church has retained its original appearance over time.
Historical information about the temple explain the existence of a country chapel dating back to the early fifteenth century. The canonical Don Aniello Monte in 1540 expanded the original chapel dedicated to Vergin Mary.
The church consists of a nave which is flanked by fake arches with elaborate plasterwork. At the entrance on the left, in the first arch you can admire an ancient fresco depicting the baptism of Jesus, follows the niche with the eighteenth-century wooden statue of St. Cyrus and the founders of the chapel dedicated to St. Joseph.
What to see: the polychrome marble altar with frontlet reproducing the Annunciation; altarpiece by painter Matacena 1970.
Mappa della Chiesa dell'Annunziata


Address: neat to Rizzoli Hospital
Town: 80076 - Lacco Ameno
Holy Masses hours:
?dal 01/10 al 30/04 fest.11:30
?dal 01/05 al 30 /09 fest. 19:30
Priest: Don Vittorio Iacono
Bus lines: 1- 2 - 4 - CD - CS


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