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Church of S. Giuseppe and Anna

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In 1849 Carlo Santucci rented in Barano some land to cultivate and where building his home. In the neighborhood he built also a church, now known as the Church of St. Anna, but the founder dedicated it to St. Joseph. It was inaugurated on June 6, 1859 and Santucci asked the bishop to make it free to the public. Inside the church there were four altars dedicated to St. Joseph, St. Anne, Madonna of the Rosary, St. Charles Borromeo and a painting by Bernardo Nights, depicting the Deposition.
Another marble slab, next to the donation area, indicating the burial of Carlo Maria Santucci and his wife Maria Raffaella Siniscalchi but, died in Naples, were never buried in the church of Fiaiano. In 1866, Carlo Maria Santucci de Magistris cited endowed the church also has a bell tower, on which he intended to put a clock built by '"architect" of Matthias Buonopane Casapulla of Caserta. On 27 December 1965 was a parish by Bishop Dino Tomassini with the title of Mary. Of the Church.
Today the church, a nave with a barrel vault, shows a single altar, central composite style and colored marble, the work of Hyginus Cianciarelli, which was opened on a niche that keeps the statue of S . Joseph. Inside, there are statues of the Immaculate Conception, St. Anne and St. Gerard, two crucifixes, one of which wood purchased by the parish priest Fr Attilio good in the 70s and from a private collection. Exquisite, finally, the seventeenth-century picture of St. Joseph with Child, as reported by the pastor, has been attributed by some to the school of Caravaggio and others to that of the Spaniard.

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