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Buceto spring

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The term Buceto refers to one of the most interesting springs of the Island of Ischia, that originates to the East side of Buceto. The spring offers drinking water allowing islanders the possibility to carry out all the activities, farming and daily.
The name has different meanings. Pontano explains that the name derives from ‘abocaetus’, for the multitude of birds around the fountain, from the summit of the mountain. He added that the birds drank there, because in the rest of the island there were not rivulets. Capaccio tells that Buceto derives from ‘bubulcus’, that is a place committed to the ox pasture, but probably were sheep. De Siano thinks about Buceto as Bocceto, because the water ‘showers’ from the mountain.
Through the aqueduct of Pilastri, the waters of Buceto, arrived up to the Suburb of Celsa, nowadays Ischia Ponte. Initially the fountain was sufficient to satisfy people needs, but in 1800 the population growth was really too.

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