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Nitrodi springs

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The water is very pure and good for cooking food and water down wine.

The Nitrodi spring is well known by islanders and tourists, thanks to its therapeutical waters properties.
The water of the spring of Nitrodi is qualified as mineral (bicarbonate – sulphate and alkaline – earthy) and hypothermal. Among the main components: sodium, calcium, Chlorine, sulphur and carbon.
To the mouth of the spring in loc. Buonopane, in the municipality of Barano, where a small thermal establishment was set to allow to use the healthy properties of our waters. Many people arrive in this area to cure rheumatisms and pick it.
The Nitrodi spring in 1588.

The properties of Nitrodi spring

- To favour and regulate diuresisi
- To improve the kidney funtionality
-Anti uric properties
- To cure gastritis with the healthy water, to reduce the hypochondria.
- It's a good adjuvant for ulcers
- It make pure and luminous the skin.

How to reach the Nitrodi spring

The Nitrodi spring is situated in Buonipane, Barano. You can reach it by car across the main street of the island. Near a wide free parking. By bus, lines CD and CS and from the beach of Maronti, in summer also the line 11. Going on, you arrive to a bridge and in few minutes to the spring.
Mappa della Sorgente di Nitrodi


Address: Loc Buonopane
Municipality: 80070 - Barano d'Ischia
Bus Lines:
CD - CS - Line 11

Useful advises

The Nitrodi spring has a very healthy water. Many people are used to having bath at the night (in summer after 20,00 free access to the spring).


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